About Us

  • GoliMoli – the term GoliMoli is widely used throughout India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh, parts of Asia and beyond where people of South and Southeast Asian origins have migrated.

    This name is so incredibly sweet that no one can resist calling the lovely, adorable chubby little kids by this name.
    GoliMoli, the word itself depicts the sweetness, innocence and purity of the infant. Go ahead and check out the various details that you would like to know related to your child’s growth, his requirements, vaccination procedures, diet plans, milestones and more on our website that is truly dedicated to children of their early age. Parenting can be a daunting task if you do not have the required knowledge. We, at GoliMoli take this opportunity of guiding you towards your most beautiful relationship in the world, with your child. We understand that you would enjoy parenting to its core when you have the right information beforehand. Let’s do it together. Let’s raise the future citizens of the world with great care, compassion and love. Happy parenting!

    GoliMoli wants to give our little champs a platform like never before starting from making learning as fun and interesting as possible to educating children to help them choose healthy lifestyles, GoliMoli does it all. But above all, GoliMoli wants to provide these young rock stars a stage, where their creativity can fully blossom in all fields. Kids having fun and living healthy is what GoliMoli aims at.

    The science of the developing brain is a key component of conscious parenting. We encourage Parent-Child bonding at all times as much as possible. The parent’s involvement in a child’s life is the greatest gift to the child. Parents are the supporting pillars to the young children. Watching the little ones, understanding them and encouraging the young ones as they grow is a feeling like no other.

    GoliMoli doesn’t just help develop the moral and learning capabilities of the child but also provides opportunities for overall personality development through various photo contests, games, and other activities as such experiences that will help both the little one and their parents grow- together.

    We here at GoliMoli have dedicated ourselves to provide the world full of fun and amazing activities just for our super little champs – our lovely GoliMolis.

    At GoliMoli, all the little ones can come together with the help of their parents, guardians to create their social networking world! Where they can share their important milestones like birthdays and other precious moments with some much-needed help from parents obviously!

    Parents can access various blogs on children and parenting and post or comment their own experiences or ideas. They can even buy numerous merchandises or sell products here all of this on one platform.

    We welcome everyone to become a part of GoliMoli and let us together start a journey- to create a small world for our little ones.


    Best Regards,
    GoliMoli – a small world