Being A Better Parent- The Battle That Never Ends

November 02, 2016

Parenting Dilemmas

We live in a world where the bar is always being set higher and higher. Whether it’s in your professional life, personal life or your role as a parent, it’s always something more that is being expected of you. Ultimately a few times or most of the time, the demand gets quite burdensome and you ended up detesting that whole part of your life.  And being a parent will be the ultimate test of your character, after all, you are responsible for bringing up another person. So there you are stuck in a continuous loop of getting your life as well as that of your child in some order where chores are done, work is prioritized, homework is finished and preparation for the test done. All of those thing are important. But they by themselves without ‘quality’ time and ‘feelings’ are nothing.

As most of us think about childhood, we think of our strict faced parents and us tiptoeing around their world without troubling or worrying them too much. A happy memory here and there, and that will be no less a childhood compared to any others. And that was enough for us. But times have changed since then. The demands as a parent are increasing both inside the house and outside. You will be faced with the constant struggle of being a parent your child deserves and the parent the world wants you to be. But struggle no more. Be the parent you want to be. That parents your child will be proud of in their own way.

Gone are the days when a single glance from mother or father would have the children trembling to their bones. Children cannot be won over with strict rules and harsh punishments, they need love, compassion and understanding. And that is what you must practice. It will be trying at times but the end result will be worth it.

When faced with a problem regarding your child, find out what the child has to say, try to understand why and how with the help of your child and act accordingly. One of the vital foundations of parenthood is communication. And for communication to take place, your child needs to know you are available and there for them whenever they need you. So try talking to your child on a regular basis, not only to ask what lessons they learnt at school or what homework they have got. Just talk. But don’t be demanding either. Just try to be a good listener.

When scolding your child, be sure to touch them in a way that will remind them that even though you are angry at them now, it doesn’t mean that you will stop loving them any less. This can be done by holding their hand or their shoulder, or quite simply a kiss.

And the most important of all when it comes to parenting is that respect is a two way street. You might be a grown up with all your worldly knowledge but when it comes to your child, let him/her know they are respected as an individual.

Summary- Don’t let the continuous pressure of being a ‘successful’ parent let you forget what its like to be a parent to you child.

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