Why Fighting In Front Of Your Child Is A Very Bad Idea And Why You Must Not Do It

November 02, 2016

Fighting between parents has negative effect on child’s growth.

Everybody is human. And so as two individual humans living under one roof and trying to get through life together conflicts, fights, quarrels, misunderstanding and anger are quite the common thing. And it is because we are who we are, we also find a way to compromise and patch up after some time and much needed due consideration. And one might think all’s well. But that’s not true. Especially when you have a kid at home and you fought in front of him/her, the damage you are inflicting involuntarily is too much to comprehend.

Did you know that even a child as young as 6 months can be affected by its parents fighting? Even though the child doesn’t really understand what’s happening, the baby can register any sort of conflict by merely seeing the expressions, body movements and eye movements.  And every time a child registers or senses conflicts, its blood pressure rise. That’s not it, fighting in front of your child will lead to emotional psychological damages in your young one.

When it comes to marital conflicts, children who witness the ‘destructive tactics’ such as their parents fighting, name calling, insulting, physical fighting and breaking of stuff will hamper their mental development a great deal. The children tend to become anxious, helpless and hopeless. It changes their attitude and approach towards life. Children tend to perform poorly in their academics as well. Whatever a kid’s age might be, parents need to understand that children are always sensitive to their parent’s fighting in any manner- verbal or physical. So, dear parents never fight in front of your children.

Understand that your negativity at home will become a part of your child’s character, causing them to become aggressive and lonesome. But above all they become emotionally threatened, develop insecurity and start to hold themselves responsible for your fighting.

But there will be times, when things do get out of hand and you will fight in front of your children. Here are a few pointers on how to handle kids in case of such scenarios-

  • As much as possible try to remember to be respectful to your spouse.
  • Do not use any sort of swear words or inappropriate words in front of the child.
  • Do not raise your voice, you are only doing more damage to the child.
  • Do not for any reason include the child in your fight.
  • Do not make your child choose sides.
  • Always be mindful of your child and pay attention to them and their feelings.

As much as possible never fight in any way in front of your child. Do not even give out hints of a fight around your children. Even if it’s the passive aggressive kind.

Summary- Fighting between parents in inevitable. But must be avoided at all costs, not for yourselves but for your child. It’s hard but as a parent you try your best as to not negatively impact on your child’s development in any way.

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