How To Handle Attention Seeking Behavior In Young Children

September 25, 2016

The reason could be any its age or the level of maturity, kids often seek more attention, and they have a great desire that attention should be long lasting. It is equally true that you are with your child for most of the day, but what is more important is how much quality time you have spent with your child, have you talked to your child, listen to them and most importantly has your child’s behavior received the required attention. Remember, children often seek your approval and attention for what all they do. But when attention seeking becomes frequent it needs to be checked and handled appropriately.

Many children create superficial tragedies or misbehave to grab the attention. They need attention, but looking for it all the time is not good, and can result in a situation where they will start guiding your actions and life. It’s not that to eliminate the need for attention, but it needs to be handled efficiently and correctly. Proper care can help you to improve your child’s behavior. All you need to do is to eliminate unacceptable or excessive attention seeking attribute.

Children need attention, but don’t let them demand attention. Lack of attention on your part can result in annoying, teasing, nagging and other problems. It is common, when they will not get attention for a good behavior, then they will misbehave to grab your attention. Your attention is the biggest reward for your child so use it wisely. By wisely we simply mean, check whether their behaviour needs positive, negative or no attention at all is required.

Positive attention is an acknowledgement and approval to positive behavior. It can be in the form of motivating words, hugs, pat on the back or closeness. An excellent way to increase good behavior in your child.

It’s a negative attention if you are acknowledging the misbehavior of the child. It begins when parents are upset, and they use to interrogate and threat their children. It should not be confused with punishment, rather a reward that promotes misbehavior in the children. Lack of positive attention can be the reason that forces your child to misbehave and get attention. But it is important for parents that they should not pay negative attention. Children learn how to manipulate through negative attention. They learn to exasperate, irritate and aggravate the things.

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