Hospitalization and Your Kid

September 24, 2016

Kids’ hospitalization can be a planned or an unplanned unexpected emergency. A hospital stay is never welcomed by anyone, especially not the kids. His/her life gets disrupted, he/she starts to miss his friends, school, play and all other activities that he/she used to love. When you understand what your child is experiencing during his/her stay in the hospital, you would like to make all possible efforts to comfort him/her and take the agony out of his/her life.

Reasons for hospitalization.

It is hard for every parent to see their child hospitalized. But at times it is imperative and necessary for their well-being. Several reasons may lead to their hospitalization. Your child may have a hallucination, delusion, he/she might have become destructive or aggressive etc. Emergencies such as a bike accident or high fever can also land your child into the hospitalization. Further, it could be possible that your child is suffering from insomnia, under depression, mania or anxiety.

In most of the cases, initial hospitalization is done in the  emergency department. It takes a lot to make an evaluation in the hospital and then makes arrangements to get the child hospitalized. It is not only exhausting but frustrating as well. In most of the cases, child hospitalization depends on his/her age and gender.

Things to do when your child is hospitalized

If the hospital authority allows, stay with your child till they are in the emergency ward. The emergency stay can be as long as for 24 hours. And, if for any reason, it is required to shift your child to another hospital, he/she should be moved by an ambulance; you can accompany him/her in an ambulance or follow the ambulance with your vehicle.

Let your child have homely feeling

Bring your kid’s personal items and clothing to the hospital; it will make him/her feel at home. Since many items are not allowed in the hospital, bring only those goods that are allowed by hospital authorities. Further, make sure you are available in all development discussions about your child’s treatment. You are the best representative of your child, and he/she needs you and your support all through the hospital stay.

Family Therapy – The best therapy to cure the child.

Family therapy is an integral part of your child’s treatment while he/she is hospitalized. Your child’s treatment team should meet you daily to share the progress and further treatment plan. If possible discuss the chances of changing medication, sometimes it works in a great way and provides unmatched results. Your child will be deprived of school or during their stay in the hospital, so all family members should keep visiting the child alternatively. It will expedite the recovery of your child, and he/she will be discharged as and when doctors feels it is safe to do so.

Remind your child to follow the doctor’s instructions religiously and have faith in the Lord. Let him/her realize that he/she is admitted to be healed and cured for his/her maladies, and he/she will bounce back with full strength and laugh loudly at life.

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