Learning activities to help toddlers identify letters and numbers

June 04, 2016

The world and the surrounding where you live are really a big classroom for your toddler.  Initial years of kid’s life are extremely crucial as they evolve, grow and master various activities, hobbies, and things.  When it comes to mastering new concepts, toddlers just love doing it.   Hence, it is just the right time for laying the foundation of counting and reading skills for your child. Help your child in learning new things by ensuring it involves his interests. There are so many things which you can do from daily activities to help your toddler learn diverse activities.

Learning letters

Wondering how to get started? Begin with his or her name. By the time your child reaches age 2, he starts identifying letters which make his name. You can display it at different places in your home. Point the letters, saying every alphabet loud. Talk about words which start with the same alphabet as her name.

You can read out those letters at doctor’s clinic, in stores or on streets. Speak them aloud and help your kid think of other similar sounding words. The best way to help your kid get connected to letters is to help them understand the sounds they make, place your finger under each alphabet, enunciate clearly and speak slowly.

Learning Numbers

To start with, start counting it.  There is very possibility that your two-year-old toddler might be able to recite one to ten in the right order, however, the ability to count aptly will come only during pre-school days.  Still, you start educating your child about numbers and counts at home by tallying up totals as you shop for groceries (I have two potatoes, so I require one more to make three), while serving them the meal (for instance, there are six peas on your plate). Make use of fingers while counting, and also encourage him to do so.

Teach him how to spot things

The act of comparing, observing, contrasting and comparing objects is an important part of learning initial mathematics. The best thing about toddlers is they are good at sorting out things. Ask your toddler to group his soft toys or stuffed animals by color or type. Ask him to put spoons of different sizes in their proper place.

Having Fun With different Forms

The best way to start is by creating a shape book. There are several titles of children which teach about different shapes. However, you can go by helping your kid make his own bound volume. Draw different shapes on paper. Flip through newspapers and magazines and cut out those items which best match each one.  Then you can look for other objects having unique shapes. Take photos of things that your toddlers points out – around tire, a square shaped window or a rectangular brick. Print out these pictures and paste them in a book and label each shape accordingly. Paste shapes of different types on a page and etch your child that these come in different sizes.

Learning activities for kids are many.  it is important to teach them learning and identifying letters and counting from initial years. The best way is to engage them in different activities as stated above.

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