The Left Handed Child Guide

November 02, 2016

So what if your child is left-handed?

INDIA and some other part of ASIA are by its nature a very strictly religious country. It might not be so strict now (sometimes) but it is religious all the same. We have been thought things like, ‘you must not use your left hand to give or receive anything from other’ and ‘right (hand) is always right’. While these rules aren’t that bad compared to others, it was perhaps pretty hard on people who were born left handed. Since their left hand is dominant, they might have faced some issues with people especially those who didn’t know about their condition. But not anymore. Lefties are just awesome as the “righties”!

There are some parents though, who for some unresolved fears of their own force their left handed children to be right handed. That is a severely wrong thing to do. You are inflicting severe psychological problems in your child by doing so and leads to unwanted frustration.

No one knows why a child is born left handed, some people say its genetics but it is still largely a mystery. Approximately 11% of the world’s population is left handed. That includes famous people like our very own Amitabh Bachchan, Yuvraj Singh to Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama. It’s been observed that left handed children tend to be more creative and ‘in-depth’ kind of personalities, since their right side of their brain is dominant. And it’s said that the communication between the two halves of the brains in left handed people is 11% greater than their right handed counterparts. No wonder so many left-handed people are popular!

Raising a left handed child as similar to raising a right handed child but with some minor adjustments and differences here and there like-

  • Buying stationary products like pens, books, scissors, etc. that are made especially for left handed people. Not only stationary products, today you get almost anything and everything that will help left handed children in anything they want.
  • Also lefties need to angle their writing pads towards the right side when writing. And it has been observed that left handed children benefit from the ‘hook’ grasp which helps them see what they have written as they continue in their writing task. So, it’s important to teach them how to hold their pen/pencil properly.
  • Be supportive of their creative thinking and capabilities.
  • When handling a computer, buying a left handed mouse would benefit them greatly.
  • Let them know for sure that being left handed is not something to be sad about.
  • When using pens, buy pens with quick drying ink since left handed children tend to brush against their recently written notes as they progress.

Summary- What makes a child left handed? No one knows. Should you force your child to change his or her hand preferences? Definitely not. Being left handed is not a bad thing in any aspect. Surely it calls for some adjustments but nothing that can’t be solved with some thinking.

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