Lets Learn How to Mould Our Children Into Good Online Citizens

October 05, 2016

Internet is here to stay and it offers mountaneous information to one and all. However, when it comes to kids, it is important for the parent to scrutinize their access and guide them to be safe when using it. It’s not necessary for you to be a tech savvy to help your child to enjoy the internet safely. Still, you have to remember that technological progress is like an axe in the hand of a hardened criminal. So all you need is to be careful about what they think before they click. You have to be very much aware that it does not go away once it is posted online. And the online safety of your kid can better be achieved just by having a better communication.

The fact is that online safety starts from home, and what you allow your children today they will continue with that in days to come. All you need to do is to make your child understand and learn how to use the technology for their benefit and how they can ensure that they are safe while browsing or going online. It’s not that difficult and can be achieved by below mentioned tips or rules.

  1. Computer’s location: It would be a good idea to keep the computer in a central area where you can easily monitor its use. You may have four computers in your home but link only those ones to the internet which can easily be checked upon.
  2. Share their online experience: – As a parent, it is imperative for you to be aware of your child’s online activities. So teach them to share their daily online experience with you. It will be very helpful in the cases when they come across something uncomfortable, as this will allow them to talk about their uncomfortable online experience straight away with you. Further, it will allow them to understand with whom they have to continue their online friendship and who all should not be there on their friend’s list.
  3. What to be shared and what not to be shared on the internet:- It is imperative for you to keep your child aware of what information should be shared on the internet and what information should not be shared on the internet. And whenever they are about to share their pictures or family pictures online it should not be without your permission. Primarily kids should be taught not to share pictures on the internet to avoid any confusion in the future. Keep your child aware that the internet is not the place where they can share their personal information like address, telephone number, your work address and telephone number. And if they have to share any such information it should not be done without your permission.
  4. Messages that need to be avoided:- Parents should guide their children not to answer to the messages that appear uncomfortable to them. It is important for parents to understand that their children are at no fault in receiving any such messages, all they need to ensure is that they discuss with their kids just to keep them informed about the receipt of any such messages and should not answer such messages.

Password and download rules: – It is of utmost importance for you to keep your child aware that password is something that need not be shared with anyone, not even with their best friends. And they can share their password only with you. Your child needs to be aware the s/he must check with you before downloading or installing anything from the internet. And it should not be done without your permission.

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