Prepare Your Child Ahead Of A Fancy Dress Competition

October 06, 2016

A fancy dress competition is a great way to infuse confidence and tackle stage fear of your child, let him/her spread wings!

A fancy dress competition is a great idea that lets kids enjoy and imitate other people/ characters in the world. There are bountiful of ideas for fancy dress competitions for kids that it becomes difficult for a parent to make the right selection. But the success of the event depends on how well kids are engaged and how well every child feels involved in the event. Giving a funny theme can help in a great way to keep every child excited about the fancy dress competition.

The theme is something that organizers of the competition will decide, but what can all parents do to keep their kids excited about the competition? How well each activity goes depends entirely upon your child’s performance. You can consider the following points to make the event, a happening and long cherished one.

A well-planned reporting time

Parents should avoid getting late at the fancy dress competition venue. They should better plan and communicate the reporting time to their child beforehand, and this interaction should be relaxed and calm. It is a good idea to reach the venue 30 minutes or an hour before the scheduled time. Probably your child is a little nervous, so you should know; you should keep a calm behavior to make him/her relaxed and calm. And it is imperative for the parents to show their confidence in their kids so that s/he may feel more confident.

Categorize the events of competition for better preparation

The modern education system focused on the overall personality development of the children, and keeping this in mind, the fancy dress competition starts with an introduction, speech or a dialogue. The kids are asked to say a few lines on their fancy dresses and about the theme of the competition. Kids may be asked to stand on the stage for two or three minutes and say a few lines or dialogues related to the fancy dress competition. It will help your child to become more confident, so prepare him/her for these activities.

Check if your child can relate to the fancy dress

You are the only one who knows your child better than anyone else in the world. Whether s/he likes to be a flower, a fruit, a vegetable or a superhero you are the only one who can answer this so you have to take care of your child’s choice and the theme of the competition. But if you can’t do this, you will have trouble in making your child interested in the whole activity.

Make a comfortable dress to keep him/her more confident

It’s important to pick the right dress for your child, but it won’t work if your child is not comfortable in the dress he/she relates. Whether you are getting the dress from an online store or making it on your own, the material and the size of the dress should be given utmost importance. Your child needs to feel comfortable to overcome the challenges like standing on the stage and delivering speech or dialogues.

Practice to perfection

Even we are frightened when asked to deliver some speech or address a crowd, so expecting your child to go smoothly on the stage of the fancy dress competition can turn out to be a huge expectation. Even professional actors find it difficult to make it on the stage and to overcome the challenges practice the scenes. So let your child practice the lines and dialogues as much as s/he can and overcome the stage blues.

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