Why Respecting Elders Must Be An Integral Part Of Raising A Child

October 05, 2016

You reap what you sow.

There’s a saying that has time and again been proven right.

‘What you sow, is what you reap.’

And it cannot be truer than it is when it comes to children. Your children become what you raise them to be. And as a parent you will most definitely have your work cut out for you. So, let us share with you one of most important foundation concepts of raising a child and give you a few pointers on incorporating this concept into your child’s life. Let’s talk about why teaching children to respect their elders is an integral part of their childhood and in the years to come.

To be respected is great but to respect is even greater. Respect in India is a trademark of culture and civility, making it a very crucial factor for people of all ages. Not just in India, respecting others for simply what they are is a profoundly easy yet difficult task all around the world. By teaching your child respect, you are also teaching them humility and one of the core essentials of what is to be human.

Here are a few pointers on how to inculcate respect in your child-

Greeting- Today, when a guest walks into the house the child disappears to its room and seldom comes out to say a simple ‘hello.’ But that is not right in any sense. Make it a habit for your child no matter how small or big to come out and greet the guests. Tell them it is important to greet someone you know, whether it is inside or outside the house.

Holding Back When The Elders Talk- For this, you must lead by example. As a parent you must point out to your children that when an elder is talking, one must listen carefully and wait for them to finish before stating their thoughts. Tell them it is not a matter of whether if the elders are right or the wrong but because it is the right way of doing things.

Gratitude- Inculcate the habit of being grateful to elders in your children. Help your child realise that elders are wise people who have abundant knowledge to share and must never be made fun of. Teach them in small but firm ways of the importance of elders. Teach them when elders give you something, they must express gratitude.

Strengthen the bond- Make it a point that your children spend ample amount of bonding time with their grandparents. The time spent will not only bring joy to the grandparents but also help bring the children closer to them.

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