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June 08, 2016
  • The biggest worries of raising children’s is their education. When is the right time to teach them? How to teach them? What to teach them? The questions are endless. The parents face an endless battles against the so-called education of children.

    The children need to be taught at a young age. But learning is a process that starts from the day they open their eyes. The major concern for a parent should not be how to teach their children but how to make learning a fun process. The main concern of the parents is to make sure that the learning process does not become a burden and mundane task to the children. The children being as young as they are,it’s okay to make  mistakes as a parent but then you should be all the more ready to rectify that mistake by finding the right kind of learning mechanism for your child. Learning starts from home. So here are a few learning activitiesthat will help you school your children right at home.

    Name The Object- This is one of the most natural and fun learning activities there is. And most of all, it acts a basic foundation for future language-based learning. This learning activity involves the child naming the objects around it and being able to recognise objects quickly.

    The Counting Game- Now this learning activity is pretty similar to the activity above but instead of naming the objects, you get to count them which helps in improving the numerical thinking of a child. You could make this a even more fun activity by teaching your child how to add and subtract using the same activity.

    Name The Colour- This is a learning activity that helps your child get acquainted with the names of numerous colours and helps them develop quick responses by identifying colours and naming them quickly.

    Picture Games- Pictures are the most fun learning activities out there. Not only are pictures the best way to teach children but they are also the most easiest activities for a child to take part in because it’s colourful and interesting to them. There are numerous learning activities you can have with pictures. One of the learning activities could be spot the objects in the pictures based on their description provided. The next learning activity could be drawing objects they see every day and even colouring pictures. All of these has been proved to increase the analytical and logical thinking of the children.

    Summary- The trick is to make the various learning activities as fun and creative as it can be for your children. Children by default look forward to the whole learning process, as parents it is your duty to ensure that they continue with the same outlook towards learning. Learning is a game with no definite rules. The only rule being that the children learn something new every day while having as much as fun as possible.

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