The Strategies To Master The Quest Called ‘Disciplining Your Child’

November 02, 2016

Disciplining a child is not a one day task.

There would have once or twice in all our lives when we saw children throw epic tantrums at public places embarrassing their parents to no end. Some of you might have sympathized with them. And now you find yourself in the shoes of that ‘parent’ under similar circumstances. Forget disciplining your child, you can’t even get them to listen to one word you are saying. Chocolates, video games and mobiles might provide momentary relief but the dread of ‘tantrums’ never disappears.

Here are a few tips to help you in disciplining your child-

  • Distraction is your friend- You need to understand that no child puts you on the spot because it wants to. So try to understand thing from your child’s perspective. Children by nature are curious, inquisitive about everything around them and just want to have fun. When your child puts in a fix, don’t try to lecture them or tell them of at once. Wait for some time and then distract him. That’s the thing about children, they are easily distracted. You can do this by calling their name and pointing to something else that might interest them.
  • Keeping them engaged- When a child’s mind is idle that is the recipe for disaster. So the trick is to keep the child engaged. That is, for example when you are in a super mart ask the child to take part in the shopping by handing you the items or something like that. Don’t underestimate your child’s capabilities, they are more than qualified to help you at times.
  • Positivity- Positive reinforcement can do wonders when it comes to parenting. By acknowledging your child’s good behaviour and praising them with a ‘Thank you’ or ‘Well Done’ will do wonders in your child’s development. Focus more on the positive rather than the negative, it helps much better.
  • Communication- Remember that your child is not an adult and words like “Don’t be silly” or “Kiddish” is not in their understanding yet. Which is why communication is important and communicating in a manner that they understand the message you are trying to convey. Keep it simple and short.
  • Consistency- You need to be consistent in your reaction towards a particular behaviour of child. You can’t expect to let your child have his way one day and not the other day. It confuses the child more so. Therefore it’s important for you to stick to your priorities when raising a child.

Summary- Everyone dreams of having a sweet little disciplined kid. One who doesn’t embarrass you in front of strangers at the mall and makes your relatives shake their disapproval at your child raising methods at family gatherings. The ‘perfect child’ is not a distant dream, it can be made a reality through time, patience (lots of it) and understanding. Remember they are just little kids in the first place. They need to be lead one step at a time, one lesson at a time. At the right time.

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Tips To Help You Master The Art Of ‘Disciplining’ Your ChildThe Left Handed Child Guide

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