Tips to get started with infant’s massage

July 13, 2016
  • When it comes to caring for infants, you need to get started right from their birth. Massaging an infant daily not only promotes the bond between you and baby but also keeps him healthy and active. Recent studies have found that regular massage relieves colic, promotes better sleeping and enhance immunity system, intellectual development, and motor skills of a baby.  Here are a few tips to make a fun experience for your baby.

    Make use of a towel or blanket and take massage oil in a non-breakable container. Before starting suing oil, make sure you test it on a small part of baby’s skin to ensure it triggers neither allergy nor irritation. You can start when you are quite yet alert. Make sure you do not start massage immediately after feeding or when the babily is sleepy.  Sit on a floor forming a diamond shape with your legs. Next, you need to drape a blanket between your knee and all over your feet.

    Undress your infant and then place him on the blanket with her head on your feet. Begin with a gentle stroke from baby’s head and go down till toes. In case baby becomes irritable, cries or stiffens then gradually move to some other part of the body. You can also end the body massage for the day. And, if your baby responds well then massage other body parts.

    Here is a quick guide on how to massage different body parts.


    • Hold your infant in such a way that your palms and wrists edge moves as a paddle across the belly of your baby. You can start with the base of the rib cage, and slowly stroke down with one hand followed by the other, in a motion similar to paddle-wheel.
    • Massage his abdomen using fingertips in a clockwise and circular motion
    • I Love U stroke is just the perfect. Trace the first letter I down the left side of your baby followed by an inverted L stroking on the abdomen along ribs base from right to left side and down. Then trace an inverted U stroking right from low on the right side of baby and around navel towards down the left side.
    • Walk your fingers around infant’s navel in a clockwise direction
    • Hold feet and knees together and gently and smoothly press baby’s knees up towards his belly. Rotate hips of your baby for a few times toward the right.
    • Place your hand on infant’s tummy in a horizontal way and rock your hands from side to side. Make sure that you do not massage baby’s tummy unless cord has been completely healed.

    Head and Face

    • Cradle your infant’s head in both hands, and massage scalp using your fingertips just as if you are shampooing his or her hair. Make sure that you avoid soft spot, fontanel, on the top of infant’s head.
    • Massage ears between your index finger and thumb.
    • Trace a heart shape on the face of the baby by bringing your hands together right at baby’s chin.
    • Place your thumbs between the eyebrows of your baby and stroke out.
    • Again using your thumbs, gently stroke closed eyelids of an infant.
    • With fingertips, gently massage the jaw in small circular motion.
    • Stroke from the nose’s bridge out over the cheeks.


    • Place both your hands on the chest of baby and gently stroke outward from sternum to shoulders.
    • Starting at her sternum, you can trace a heart shape bringing both hands right up to her shoulders then down and back.
    • Then in a crisscross pattern for stroking one side of infant’s hip, up and over the opposite shoulder, and then back down to the hip.

    These are just a few ways to massage your baby’s chest, head and face and tummy.


    Your infant needs body massage regularly to stay fit and healthy. It is important for parents to know the right ways of giving body massage to an infant. Daily massage has an important role to play in growth and development of your little one. 

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