Basic tips to bath an infant

July 13, 2016
  • Basic tips for bathing infants

    Your baby is a little bundle of joy which brings happiness and satisfaction to your life. Right from beginning, he or she needs the care to ensure healthy growth. There are different aspects to baby care. And, a baby bath is one of the important and inevitable aspects. Here are a few ways in which you can make baby baths stress-free, fun and safe.

    Set a routine

    Whether you are giving your baby sponge baths or a dunk in the tub daily, establish the nightly routine as it will help in setting body clock of your baby. After giving bath or sponge, reinforce massage, dim the lights and minimise noise and activities.However, make sure that you postpone the bath in case your infant has an upset tummy, is grumpy or hungry. And, also keep in mind that although baths scheduled for bath time are, any other time of the day is fine too. You just need to schedule baby bath at the time which works better for both you and infant.

    Have all supplies!

    Make sure that you have everything ready before starting bathing baby. Some of the most basic essentials required for baby bath include baby shampoo and soap, a few plush towels, a blanket, a tub filled with warm water and a couple of cotton washcloths. And of course, ask your partner to be camera ready for capturing some of the great moments. Other items which you might require are cream, clean clothes, diaper, and diaper ointment. 

    Keep baby baths toasted

    Infants lose body heat quickly, particularly when they are naked. Hence, it is important for you to ensure that their bathing room is warm before starting the task. Either steam up the room or turn up the thermostat by allowing the shower run on hot a few seconds or minutes. No matter whether you are making use of a sink of a baby bathtub, fill the water first ensuring that it just covers the bottom of his body.  Water should be warm enough to make baby feel comfortable. Thus, test the temperature using inner part of your wrist or your elbow. These parts are more sensitive in comparison to your fingertips.

    Get a grip

    Gently and carefully slide your infant into the tub or sink. Start with feet while holding him firmly as well as securely with one arm of your supporting his head and the other his tush. Once the baby is inside the tub, do not let him sit for a long time in warm water. There is very possibility that it might make his skin irritated.

    Soap your baby sparingly

    While bathing baby, make use of a mild soap on his diaper area as well as hands. While for the rest of his body, you can just make use of water. Use soap only when he is really dirty.

    These are some of the most basic tips when it comes to giving a bath to an infant. You can start giving a bath to your baby as soon as his umbilical cord falls off. However, you can sponge baby until then so that he feels fresh and healthy. 

    Your baby, actually, does not require much bathing as long as you are washing his diaper area properly during diaper changes. Three to four times a week during the first year of a baby is enough. If you bath infant frequently or daily, it might dry out her skin. Make sure that you have basic baby care essential so as to make sure your baby feels no irritation during or after a bath. Pat infant dry right after a bath and apply hypoallergenic moisturizing lotion to prevent skin dryness or skin condition known as eczema.


    Baths are an important and inevitable part of your baby’s routine. Just make sure you do it carefully to avoid any kind of allergy or infection. For newborn babies, a sponge bath is good enough to keep them fresh.

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