Culture- An Integral Part Of A Child

July 13, 2016


  • Culture- An Integral Part Of A Child

    As adults, we take pride in who we are. What we are. And where we come from. Most of which was what your parent’s shared with you in the form of family stories, family recipes, beliefs, and religion. And now as parent’s it falls upon your shoulders to pass on the same on to your children. And what you pass on, that’s entirely up to you. Just like how a coin has two faces, understand that there’re two sides to every story. And everything your parents thought you may or may not be good.

    While teaching your children the importance of your religions and beliefs, you must keep in mind and to make your child ignorant of other beliefs and children. Teach what you feel is the best but remember to teach along with it the sense of being open-minded and accepting of all those other religions and the people who belong to it. Never let your child develop prejudices against other religions.

    The world is changing and you as parents know it better than anyone else. Not just the technology we use but everything from the mindset of the people to the perspective of looking at other religions. Whether you embrace these changes are not that is up to you. But remember that your child too is an individual and they must be allowed to make opinions and thoughts on their own,no matter how small they are. Don’t try to force your opinion on them.

    India had been a home to many a people of different religion and following. Let your child know that all religions have their own importance and for that, you need to respect them for what they are. Encourage your child to view all hisher friends as equals. Don’t encourage any ill feeling in your child towards based on religion, colour or race.

    Right from their younger years, encourage your child to be unbiased and accepting of everyone from a different religion. Let them know the tolerance that is preached in your religion is not just limited to those of your religion but others as well. Encourage your child to be equally social with all kinds of kids. Culture and child development are very much interconnected. A culture is a vital tool that helps children differentiate right from wrong in a huge manner. Their behaviour and more importantly their temperament is what that develops closely associated with the kind of culture they are given exposure to.

    Summary- In some culture’s independence is encouraged right from the start. Whilst some other culture’s encourage inter-dependence. Culture goes on to mould the self-esteem and the kind of connections the child develops both inside and outside its family. Culture is one of the leading facts of child character development. It shapes the vision with which the children shall view the world. Therefore, the culture with which the child is brought up in is as integral to education. For it helps mould the morals of the children.

    Punch Line-Growth through Culture.

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