Five tips to make travel with infants easy

July 13, 2016
  • Five tips to make travel with infants easy

    When it comes to travelling with a newborn baby, it can be a nerve-racking experience, if you do not know how to go about it. If you are all set to take the first flight after the arrival of newborn, you should be aware of a few things to make the entire experience hassle-free.  What if your infants become fussy on the plane? And, the last thing you want to do is change his diaper in a public washroom. However, if you know the things right then travelling with infants can be a lot easier. 

    Dress baby in comfortable clothes

    When travelling with infants, make sure you dress him or her in easy-off pyjamas. You want to keep thing simple and easy while changing the diaper or going through airport security check. You do not want to take his jacket, shoes and socks on and off.

    Pack smart

    The idea is not to over pack things. Usually, new parents have no idea, and thus, end up over packing things. Given the fact that you can easily buy diapers from anywhere, you just do not need to over pack them. Also, make sure you do not take more than a three-day supply of infant clothes.  You can laundry baby clothes at the place you are going. Irrespective of the fact whether you are travelling by automobile, plane or train, have one diaper per hour of commuting time. Bring along a supply of cleansing clothes or baby wipes for cleaning baby from head to toe. Remember sit-ups as well as diaper blows often happen at the wrong time and place. Make sure that you are prepared to breastfeed baby more frequently while travelling so that he remains hydrated.

    You need to adjust your mindset

    If you are planning a road trip with the baby then it is important for you to know that they can take twice of the time you will take to reach the destination. You will need lots of little breaks. You might have to stop at every few hours. If the infant has not started crawling yet then let him wiggle and stretch or roll on a blanket. If you are vacationing and have plenty of time, then try to break your journey into a few days. It will help your baby stay calm and fresh.

    Combat germs and allergies

    Before travelling with a baby, you need to make sure that vaccinations of your baby are up-to-date. Let infant’s paediatrician know you are all set to make your first trip with baby. Chances are that your infant will be given a flu shot prior travelling. Flu vaccine becomes extremely important especially when you are flying because it offers protection layer. Irrespective of the fact you are extremely careful, you cannot avoid shared air while flying with a baby.    Another important thing you should do is to bring along medications which your infant takes. Also, make sure you have three to five days of extra medicine in case return is delayed.

    Let go off big stuff while travelling

    No longer have you had to carry big items such as high chair, crib and car seat while travelling with a baby as there are companies which offer them on rent. You do not have to carry these items to the airport any longer. Before beginning your trip, you can look for companies which offer baby gears and other necessary items for rent.  All you need to do is just pay small rent fee. Whether you rent or bring along your own, a stroller is a must have when travelling with infants.

    So, if you are all set to travel with an infant for the first time then make sure you keep in mind above slated tips to make your journey comfortable.


    Travelling with infants is not easy especially when you are travelling for the first time, and have no idea how to go about it. You just need to keep things easy and hassle-free so that your baby does not turn fussy.

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