Four tips for bringing infants home safely

July 13, 2016
  • The moment the arrival of a baby is announced, your family and friends just feel so happy. The feeling of being bestowed with a newborn is something which cannot be expressed in a few words. While new parents are extremely happy and drifting on cloud 9, it will not take longer for them to feel overwhelmed. However as soon as they leave the hospital, they will start thinking how to care for an infant.   Here are a few tips to make the first journey of your infant, from hospital to home, stress-free.

    Leaving the hospital

    For moms who have just delivered, the best thing to so is just select something non-constricting and roomy so that you can feel comfortable as you do not even think of getting back to pre-pregnancy shape for weeks or months. For baby, just ensure that you do not dress him so many layers of clothes until it is very freezing.

    In case you have still not made arrangements with the health care provider of your baby. Do it right away and find out details as when you need to bring the baby for his first check-up. Make sure you do this before leaving the hospital.  Do not rush from leaving the hospital. Take your time and clear all your concerns and queries. There are many hospitals which are offering “Warm Lines” where they cater to all concerns of parents about umbilical cord, formula intake, breastfeeding and bathing, to name a few. 

    First car ride of your baby

    Nothing can be compared to the happiness which you feel when carrying your bundle of joy home for the first time. You want to make sure that your infant has a safe car ride. Make sure you have child safety seat. Even it is a short ride, holding the baby in arms while one of you is driving is not at all safe. There is very possibility that your infant can get pulled down from your arms at a quick stop. Try to install child car seat even before your baby is born. The last thing you want to do is dealing with the car seat while returning home with the baby.

    There are two types of child safety seats – convertible seats and infant-only seats which are rears facing and can fit the baby easily.  Aloes by the head support for cradling your little one’s delicate head so that it remains steady.  There are many hospitals which require you to have child safety car seat.

    Make sure your home has all essential ready before baby comes home

    It is important for you to ensure that your home has all basic essentials needed to take care of a newborn baby. You can do this before leaving the hospital for the delivery of the baby. As soon as you prepare to leave home for the hospital, be prepared to feel a storm of emotions. Some of the essential which you should have before reaching home with baby are:

    • Swaddling blanket
    • Diapers
    • Circumcision and umbilical cord care materials
    • Extra baby onesies and nightgowns
    • Burp rags
    • In case you are breastfeeding, nipple ointment, and breast pads
    • Formula and bottles
    • Cradle or bassinette along with some extra sheets
    • Notebook to record bowel movements and feelings
    • Smartphone or camera for capturing initial days of your baby

    Making arrangements before leaving hospital lets you relax after arriving home with the baby.

    Just go with the flow

    For sure, you will be experiencing a storm of emotions when you are home with the little bundle of joys. While in the hospital, try to spend some alone time with your partner before heading home. Share your joy, concerns and excitement along with other emotions with your significant other. It will take some time to get adjusted and comfortable with different cries of your infants, to swaddle him like a nurse. Breastfeeding can set many mothers worrying. Just go with the flow and things will be fine.

    So, if you are all set to welcome a new member into the family, make arrangements before arrival to make things easy.


    Bringing infant home from the hospital is an amazing feeling. To make your journey and first rise of your baby comfortable, ensure you are done with necessary arrangements.  Try to do basic arrangements before living for the hospital for delivery. 

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