How to breastfeed an infant?

June 14, 2016

When it comes to nursing a newborn baby, it is no easy feat.   Breastfeeding becomes more relaxing for both the baby and the mother when the baby has a good latch. It is understandable that even for new mothers, feeding baby can be difficult. To make this task easy for you, we have narrowed a few smart tips. Read on to know make breastfeeding easy and soothing.

Start breastfeeding as soon as your baby is born

There are several reasons why breastfeeding baby immediately after birth is suggested. The early you start breastfeeding your baby, higher the chances for you to tap the innate abilities of latching on of your baby. This will make the entire process of breastfeeding simple as well easy for both of you. It also helps in keeping milk supply strong.

Choose a position

One of the most popular positions is the cross cradle. All you need to do is rest the bottom of your newborn either on the pillow on your lap or the crook of your arm. If you are feeding your baby on the right breast, support his back making use of your left arm; use your right arm while feeding baby on the left breast. Place your hand palm between the shoulder blades of your baby and fingers gently supporting his head back.

How about trying football hold?

Place your newborn on a pillow on the similar side as the breast from which you are planning to feed. Hold the body of your baby close to your side with his or her legs stretched out right behind you. Use your forearm for supporting his back. And, as mentioned in the position above, place your hands between the shoulder blades and use fingers for supporting his back.

Put in efforts to entice your newborn to open up

It is common that newborn babies do not open up immediately after birth. You can tickle your infant from his nose to the top of lip using your nipple. You can also dot some milk on his lips.

Help your baby latch on

Instead of placing your nipple close to the lips of the baby, put it closer to the nose of your baby.  When you do so, you allow your baby take more of breast tissues. He or she will bring your nipple back in his mouth making feeding easy for both of you.

You need to identify satiety cues
As soon as you start noticing your baby loses interest or starts feeling relaxed while breastfeeding, perhaps he has finished feeding. Offer another breast, however if your infant appears uninterested as well as sleepy, make sure that do not force it.

Make sure you know that the baby is eating enough

Usually, you have to feed a baby about eight times in a day. Each feeding session can also for twenty to forty minutes. If your baby is gaining five to six ounces and producing five to six diapers every day. Then he is eating in the right quantity.

Take care of cracked nipples

It is important for you to express some milk on your nipples for moistening the area, and then it airs dry. There is yet another option – you can ask your doctor about lanolin cream for treating cracked nipples.

Ease discomfort

There is constant fluctuation in your hormones while you get adapted to this new sensation and feel on your breast. There is very possibility that you for you to feel discomfort. In case you experience toe curling pain the consult the doctor. Tenderness subsides within twenty seconds of breastfeeding. In case if it continues then just break the latch and start again. You can obstruct the suction by sticking your finger in the mouth of your baby between her gums and your nipple. Next, you have to pull out your nipple.

Ask your doctor

Do not take the medicine on your own. Consult your lactation expert, gynaecologist or doctor before taking any kind of medicine.

Following the above-slated tips will help you in make breastfeeding easy and comfortable for baby.


The feeding infant is not easy. For new mothers, the entire task of feeding baby can be challenging and difficult. However, there are ways which when followed correctly can make the entire process of breastfeeding comfortable.

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