A Parent’s Guide To Bonding With Your Children

October 22, 2016

Every parent has one dream and that is that their children become well-mannered, respectable and educated beings. And that is the very reason why we start teaching them good manners at such a young age. Hoping that these good qualities take root and the children grow, they grow too.

But somewhere along the way, the parents lose sight of what it is to be really bringing up a child. They miss out on so many memorable moments because they are so busy caught up in the daily routine of school, homework and their own life. It’s time to stop, take a deep breath and rather than always concentrating on raising a child, ‘live’ the moment with your child. Here are a few tips to do just that-

Plan a ‘Date’ With Your Child- Every once in a month, fix a particular time where you take your child out to a movie or you could watch a movie with the child at home. Make it all about the child, followed by some their favourite food like ice cream. Make sure the focus is on keeping it simple and fun- for both the child and you.

Reading- This is perhaps the oldest trick in the parenting book and it will always be the golden bonding tip. Let the child pick out a book he/she likes and make it a routine to read a little bit of it every day. If your child is too young, read it out with as much enthusiasm as you can to keep the child engaged in it for the days to come. Discuss about the story, the characters in it and what your child thinks of them. Not only does this lead to interesting discussions but also premium bonding time.

Teach ‘Fun’- As a parent, teaching your child is like your everyday second job. Instead of teaching the regular academic requirements, teach them something ‘fun’- something outside their syllabus. Something that like simple cooking lessons, riding a bike, swimming or some other activity like that. It has to be something not very demanding but very much fun to the child.

Be their ‘friend’- As a parent you might you need to be a strict faced rule imposer all the time. But you are wrong, children tend to connect more with adults with a sense of humour. So, don’t be afraid to show a silly side of yourself and to make your child laugh with you. Make up silly songs or silly dance moves. It will be you secret.

Walks- As a parent, you need to make sure your child knows you are there for them at all times. Even though you can’t accomplish this all the time, you can make a habit of walking out after dinner together and inquiring about their day. It will act as a gentle reminder of you being there for them and you get be a little fit while at it.

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