Schedule a routine for your infant

July 13, 2016
  • Having a set routine for an infant, from breakfast to bedtime can make both days and nights manageable.  Knowing what to expect and when to expect is very important when it comes to babies.

    When it comes to new moms, having right routines can be extremely empowering especially for new moms whose routine can spin out of control. Once your baby is right on schedule then it becomes relatively easy for you to tackle and take care of several other tasks. Moreover, there is very possibility; you might even find a moment for yourself.  Although you can begin scheduling routine as soon as newborn has arrived home from the hospital, it might take a few weeks for the infant to get used to eating, playing and napping at the same time every day. Reading further you will get to know the predictability your baby requires. 

    Hunger Cues

    Making your child eat at the right time can be a troubling task for most of the moms. You can get rid of this problem by creating a comfortable and cozy environment for your baby. Make it a point that you dim the light while bottle or breastfeeding a baby in the same rocker or chair every time. When you are consistent, chances are that infant will pick up on the cues soon and will be less fussy. For example, feeding can become much better when commotion and noise are minimized in the room. Also if your baby begins crying an hour after having a full meal then avoid using bottle or breast to soothe him. Eventually, the baby will learn to trust that he will be fed when he is hungry.

    It’s time to play

    When it comes to playing with infants, how you do it is much more important in comparison when you do it. We all know that babies learn in the best way from repetition.  When you do one activity in a similar way over the period of time, it not only becomes fun for littles ones but they also learn things in this way. Although you can start playing with the baby as and when you want, but experts suggest, that the ideal time is mid-afternoon and after breakfast. This is the time when an infant is well rested and fed. Try to limit sessions for ten to twenty minutes. And, stop immediately the moment you notice your infant is stretching out his hands or looking away. It’s his way of saying I have had enough.

    Power naps

    Send signals that it’s time for a nap by either putting your infant in a swing or playing a lullaby. This will help your baby nod off faster.  When you start following these steps, a baby will naturally sleep the moment you start giving such signals. You just have to develop a routine and the best way is to stick to the same thing you are doing to make your baby sleep.

    A stroller is a way to go!

    It is important to add a daily walk to the routine of your infant. Take your baby out in fresh. Make sure he or she is dressed properly and protected from the sun. Infants enjoying going out, and walking is good for your health too. In fact, even you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

    Make bathing a routine

    Make sure that you give your bath on a daily basis so as to make sure he or she remains fresh. There are many parents who avoid doing it. However, a regular bath is an important part of your baby’s routine. All you need to do is make sure that you use baby soap and rinse it immediately so that the tender skin of your baby does not dry. You can add special toys to your baby’s bathing tub and make it a fun experience. 

    Scheduling a regimen for your baby right from the early days can help manage things easily. These are just a few ways in which you can set a routine for your infant.


    It is very important for you to make a routine for your baby so as to make sure that he or she develops right habits. Even small changes to your baby’s routine can make things a lot easy for you.  

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