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July 13, 2016
  • Anxiety- When is it a disorder?

    What parents need to be made aware that even though anxiety is a common occurrence in children, there is a particular point beyond which anxiety can be ruled as a possible disorder. When young ones exhibit too much aggression or anxiety, parents quite commonly tend to label it as a product of the children being moody. Perhaps they are right, perhaps not. But best to be careful than be sorry later.

    Anxiety is considered as a disorder when the child has been overly anxious from a young age itself. This anxious if it continues to increase with the child’s growth and becomes a predominant factor in the child’s life, then it is considered as an anxiety disorder. It is more often not believed that earlier the anxiety disorder is dealt with, the better it is for the child. Because if left to manifest for a long time, the anxiety within the child may make the child powerless against it. The child might reach a phase when it can no longer differentiate between the real causes for its anxiety and what is not a cause for it to feel anxious about.

    The simplest treatment of dealing with anxious children is to listen to what they have got to say about their anxiety. And help them understand that there is no reason for them to fear or feel anxious about whatever cause they state. But then treating anxiety in children varies from one age group to the other. Because age group requires a personalized style of dealing with anxiety at a level, above all the children are comfortable in.  But then how does a parent know that their child requires attention with respect to their anxiety? Here are a few scenarios that will help in identifying excessive anxiety disorders in the children.-

    When they constantly in a state of mind where they are agitated, panicky and anxious about almost, if not all things.

    The child begins to exhibit resistance to certain things and becomes aggressive towards a particular activity or instance.

    The child tends to be nervous most of the time and tended constantly. Which leads to the child being exhausted most of the time. As a side effect of this, the child develops sleeping issues and loses interest in daily activities due to being constantly tired.

    The child also tends to become more aggressive when removed from a particular environment setting.

    Anxiety affects all parts of a child’s development leading to unwanted complications over time. Parents need to be vigilant when raising children. They need to look out for any sort of indication that a child is suffering. And must take up all necessary steps to deal with it.

    Summary- Anxiety in children is a common occurrence. But anxiety at all times is not a good thing. Children with too much anxiety tend to develop unwanted complication- mentally as well as physically.

    Punch Line- Over anxious children are not healthy.

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