Tackling Obesity In Children- The Baby Steps

July 13, 2016
  • Tackling Obesity In Children- The Baby Steps

    Obesity has become a major cause for concern for parents of today. Obesity is no longer just limited to adults. In fact, childhood obesity has been said to have a direct connection with adult obesity and many consequent health issues as well. As parents, you would have long ago understood that your child is what you feed it. No matter how strict you try to be with respect to their diet, sometimes the allure of junk food is too much. As parent’s it is your primary cause for concern that your child has a wholesome nutritious healthy food diet.

    Today, treatment for child obesity has evolved so much that it is almost possible to treat obesity in children when they are inside the womb itself. This achieved through the help of doctors and health professionals, who identify possible chances of obesity in the to-be-born children. Then, depending on the weight of the mother-to-be(it is usually overweight women who are most in need of this treatment), device a health regime. The professional health supervisors and doctors help the overweight women before the pregnancy, during the pregnancy and even after the pregnancy, make healthier lifestyle and diet changes. This overall helps in decreasing the chances of obesity as well as diabetes in the uterus. This serves as a precautionary measure even before the birth of the child.

    And during the pregnancy, it is best advised for the mothers-to-be to have their personal doctor keep track of both the mother’s weight as well as the developing child’s weight. And the doctor’s taking into consideration the genetic conditions and vulnerability to obesity can help reduce the overall risk of the child becoming obese through proper treatment. This kind of weight check-up is strongly advised for the mother-to-be. Better to be safe than sorry.

    After the baby is born, right from the start make an open declaration to yourself to avoid as much junk food as possible right from the start. Make sure that the baby has a wholesome nutritious diet at all times. Inculcate a healthy appetite with healthy eating habits. Also, ensure that your child has an active life as well. Take the child out to the playground as much as you can and encourage it to be physically active even at home. By doing so, not only are you spending more time with your child, you are laying down a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

    Summary- Childhood obesity has become a common occurrence nowadays. It is slowly but surely on its way to becoming an epidemic. Childhood obesity has been more often than not linked directly to obesity in adulthood and all kinds of other diseases and problems as well. But with the help of advanced technology, obesity can be treated right from the womb. That does not end just there, it is the duty of parents through example lay down the foundation for a healthy active lifestyle and a diet filled with nutrients.

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