The Cry Of A Child

July 13, 2016


  • Most parents would agree with me when I say that the first few months after the baby is born is the toughest. And most will agree with me when I say that crying is a language when it comes to babies. There’s a cry for being hungry, being hurt, being sleep or quite simply crying for no reason at all. Babies use crying as a means of communication, it is a vital link between the parents and the babies. It plays a major role when raising children since it is a crucial factor in the overall health, development and all in all, the survival of the child itself.

    The one thing that parents need to clear on is that crying, especially for babies is a good thing. It’s an indicator of the baby’s needs and requirements. And helps the parents in helping the baby. Despite the amount of noise abuse that a crying infant may cause in a household, it is very important. Parents should know that by tending to the child when it’s crying, they are building a strong reliable bond between themselves and the child as well. And the parent’s should also know that babies tend to cry even after you have done everything possible to keep them comfortable. Quite a dilemma I know. But it’s one of the many joys of parenthood. So enjoy it while you can.

    On an average, an infant can cry up to  five hours in a day. Babies tend to cry more when they five to six weeks old and this continues on for a while. But when around the fourth or fifth month since their birth, they tend to calm down and lessen their crying. And later, after five months, the baby’s cries are more of a response to those things around them and during their sleep.

    Most of you might be aware that a baby tends to wake in the middle of the night crying for the first few months. And this decreases by the time it’s a year old. The reason for this sleep crying is mostly to do with the transition between the baby’s light sleep and deep sleep. Light sleep is where the dreaming and recalling of the day’s activities take place. It can be called as a half asleep state. The deep sleep is when the body heals and grows. Adults too experience this. It is a constant cycle of going to light sleep and deep sleep. And before waking up again we go from dark sleep to light sleep. This is how it happens in babies as well. But there is no continuity like in adults and they end up walking between these transitions and that is when they cry.

    Summary- Crying is a method communication for babies. It is how the little ones let those around them know about their well-being. Understanding the cries and the reason behind them is crucial when taking care of a baby.

    Punchline- Let the babies cry!

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