The Development Of The Brain

July 13, 2016

When it comes to raising a child in India, you are not just counting your doubts but the doubts of all those around you. Everyone around you seems to have an opinion on how to raise a child and what they think is the best way to be a parent. Especially when the child is aged between 0-2 years, there’s a ton of practices and must do’s for the healthy development of the child. While most of them are done with the good intention of the child in mind, not all of them truly do good to the child.

First of all, understand why children under 2 years are to be looked after with great care. Right from before their birth and up to 2 years of age, the child’s brain undergoes substantial maturity. Not only does the brain develop significantly, it is a matter of a period that is greatly vulnerable to the child. The reason for this vulnerability is because the brain is shaped and the process of thoughts and thinking begins here. The brain is hugely shaped by the genes and the experiences of the child during the time of development. This is because the development of the child’s brain is greatly associated with how the cells in the brain interact with each other as well.

The children are extremely sensitive during this period and highly aware of their environment and the people around them. Because they perceive even the smallest of changes with high accuracy and are affected a great deal by it under some circumstances. Parents need to keep in mind that the environment around the child and the sort of ambience and atmosphere it experiences influences the child’s development a great deal. The children are highly susceptible to stress during this time a great deal. If the environment of the child is unhealthy or toxic in any way, it is sure to have adverse effects on the child’s development. Therefore, it is not just the nutrition they receive during this period but also the environment of their raising that is vital to the child’s overall development. And when we say environment, we don’t just mean the physical entities but many other factors such as the noise, the smell, the behaviour of those around it, injury, food and other such critical points.

It is highly encouraged for parents to interact as much as they can with their children. Help improve the thinking process of the child through simple games that will help stimulate their senses of hearing, seeing, feeling and responding. The parents must take at most care so as not to let the child from becoming stressed for any matter.

Summary – When the child  is aged between 0 years to 2 years, a major part of the brain and its functions develop during this time. They are highly aware of their environment and the people around them. And any unhealthy and toxic exposure will have an unwanted long-term effect on their overall development.

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