What kind of anxieties are there?

July 18, 2016
  • We know that a child tends to be anxious when growing up. They are so little and new to the world around them that everything is fascinating to them. They are very curious and equally  frightened at the same time. So many things they don’t know and the world so big outside their house. But this anxiety will not be the same as it was a year ago. The more exposure they get, the lesser that anxiety will trouble them. But then one day, they aren’t anxious about it as they were a while ago. Because of familiarity. Once they understand and see new things develop a sense of familiarity that helps in overcoming the anxiety.

    But the important thing to keep in mind is that Parents need to make sure that the anxiety of a child does not become something, even more, worse like fear. Because if a child develops a fear of something in its early childhood, it is quite hard for them to overcome it in the future. So, parents have to handle their children’s anxieties in a calculated manner. Anxiety at all times is not a good healthy sign either.

    Like I said, there are different kinds of anxieties as well. There is normal anxiety, anxiety that is justifiable through a common understanding of the situation and the other type of anxiety that might be a manifestation of a possible anxiety disorder in children.  Most parents don’t know about it until a later stage when things are too complicated than they initially were.

    Normal anxiety in children aged 0-6 months is mostly to noises. To specify- loud noises. This is a universally known fact that newborn babies are sensitive to loud noises and prefer quiet environments generally. The other thing that leads to anxiety in 0-6-month-old babies is being approached by strangers. When it comes to children aged from 6 months to 1 year, it’s mostly to do with trust issues. The young ones tend to stay away from unfamiliar objects and people. Children at this age are strongly attached to their parents and the surrounding they are usually in. When children enter the one to two years old demographic, their fear of unknown leads to fearsome curiosity. That is, for example, when it comes to nature and creatures like caterpillars, birds, and flies they are curious about them but get started at any sudden moment from them. The children tend to exhibit anxiety when startled.

    When it comes to children of two to four years of age, anxiety is exhibited mostly when coping with changes. For example, when it comes to interacting with unknown people or touching animals for the first time. Children tend to become aggressive at the sight of blood or any situation that they cannot understand properly.

    And lastly, when children are 4 to years old, they tend to exhibit anxiety when they fear something. This might be due to their fear of the dark, monsters and stuff like that. Children of this age also fear any activity that tends to make them feel uncomfortable with their body. Such as getting a haircut or getting their nails cut.

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